Cloud in Pinggan, Kintamani, Bali

Bali | JATIMONLINE.NET,- For those of you who like to see natural scenery and adventure tours while on vacation to the island of Bali, not only the view of the white sand beach. The island of Bali also offers other options for beautiful natural scenery, one of which is the view of the sunrise of Mount Batur. There are many locations to see the sunrise view of Mount Batur Kintamani, one of the best is Pinggan Kintamani Village in Bali.

Towards dawn, thick fog began to enter all corners of the village.

Between the trees and villagers’ houses, the fog against the backdrop of Mount Batur is so majestic and captivating. No wonder if many many people said Pinggan Village as the Land Above the Clouds.

The Cloud spread to all over village

At that time, around 05.30 in the morning, the cool air immediately come to your skin every inch of your body.

Approaching 06.00 morning, slowly the sun shows its form, glowing among the mountains that look majestic, perfecting the beauty of the landscape of God’s Painting.

To get the best panoramic view, it is highly recommended to visit this village from September to November. (red)